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Practical Magic Podcast with Kate Taylor

The Practical Magic podcast is a weekly dive into helping us live an embodied life full of creative expression with Kate Taylor, creativity and empowerment coach. Practical Magic is Kate's blended melting pot of goodness to align mind, body and soul.

Each week on the podcast will be a voyage of discovery through the mind-body connection to uncover the buried treasure we have within each of us. Kate will be joined on the Practical Magic sofa every fortnight by special guests from the worlds of creativity, wellness, modern spirituality, and those who live for unlocking the power of the body’s wisdom.

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Sep 25, 2019

This week's show I'm flying solo to talk about lack mentality and how we can break up with it, and tell it stay the hell out of our lives... for good.

The show is a rally cry, and it's one based on some rather painful untruths I had been experiencing, which came to a head last week around how I didn't feel enough, or that I wasn't able to show up for my work, and therefore nobody liked me, and everything was going to go horribly wrong, I mean boo hoo, big time.

And I know I'm not alone in this. We all suffer with this idea that we're not good enough to get the job, the relationship, the clients, the life we want. Or we believe that there's just not enough resources to go around, such as time, money, capabilities, opportunities. This is lack mentality, and it sucks. So on the show today, I am sharing ways in which we can switch from the detrimental toxic relationship with lack mentality, to build an empowering, uplifting, and supportive love relationship with an abundant mindset, and abundant life.

On the show I share:

  • A personal story as to what's lead me to the need to break up with a toxic relationship with lack mentality
  • Just what the frick lack mentality is
  • How, and where, it shows up in your life, and how it could be holding you back
  • How it ties into the 'not enoughs'
  • How we may be running a subconscious programming which says that all resources are finite, so if someone has more of what you want, that means you must have less
  • How to call time and BS on lack mentality
  • The go-to tools I share with you to switch from lack to abundance
  • And finally, the big ask I have of YOU.

I'm ready to work with YOU, I am so ready to dial this up, and I am here to help you do the same in your life, so let's make it happen. 

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And here's a little song inspiration to help you shift it up!

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